Travelling to The Beautiful City Of Melaka By Bus

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Malaysia is a beautiful country in the Asian continent. It is located in Southeast Asia and has several picturesque places to be visited. People from all over the globe visit the country throughout the year and hence is a popular tourist spot. Tourists of every age enjoy the country due to the diversified facilities available. Travelling to Malaysia and site seeing within the country is easy due to the different modes of transportation available for travelers.


Majority of the tourist coming into the country visits Melaka, which is a popular destination among travelers. The rich culture and history of the region attracts people to unfold the hidden riches of the city. This is a world heritage site and people wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of visiting a location with such historical value. The city during the past era was the greatest trading port and has now become one of the heritage sites due to its architectural grandeur.

Due the rich heritage and breathtaking views, the city has become a favorite location for travelers. Melaka is near to the capital city of Malaysia. Tourist can take a bus from KL to Melaka since it is a short journey. The travelling time taken would be 2 hrs by bus depending on the traffic.

The frequency of buses in the route is extensive since there are several people travelling amid the two cities. The bus schedule can be checked online since majority of the operators have online websites. Buses depart from the terminal early in the morning and are operational till late in the night. There are several bus operators operating in the route and hence the buses are available every 30 minutes.

The buses would depart from the KL terminal and arrive at the Melaka terminal as per their schedule. Passengers would be allowed washroom break in between if required. Some operators are popular due to their schedule frequency and punctuality among the locals and tourists.

The Best Mode Of Transportation To Melaka

The price of the tickets for travel would vary from 12 to 20 RM. This is the economical mode of transportation and people would prefer the same due to the short travel duration. There are several places to visit in the city and thus people travel here after their site seeing in KL. To travel by bus from KL to Melaka people can purchase online tickets from the operator’s website.

The payment for some operators can be made at convenient stores making it easier for the tourist to purchase the tickets. The trip from KL to Melaka is interesting since there are several places on the way that is worth seeing. There are other modes of transport to the city like trains and car but these are expensive compared to the bus travel. The frequency of trains lesser compared to buses and hence people prefer buses. The time taken to reach Melaka by train when compared to buses is more. Within the city there are buses similar to hop on hop off buses which tourist can take for affordable price and travel the entire city.

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