Exercises You Need to Be Healthy

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When the word exercise come to your mind, you can think about many different kinds of it, biking, swimming, yoga, Pilates or walking could be some of them. But there are no only cardiovascular exercises around us.


There are plenty of them, with specific characteristics and goals to reach. The main types of exercises that we need to do when we start working out are: flexibility or balance training, strength training and cardiovascular workouts. The best option we have is trying to include all of them in to our workouts.

Aerobic training is very important for your health, but also, strength training will make you stronger and it will help you to take care of your joints, which at the same time, will improve your strength in order to do cardio workouts.

And flexibility and balance will help you to learn how to stabilize your movements and to have control over your body. As we see, all of them are important for us.

What we know as aerobic exercises, such as swimming, dancing, walking or running will work deep on your cardiovascular system and will reduce problems related to it, also it will help you fight some diseases such as diabetes, and cholesterol. Many important reason to add cardiovascular training in your routines.

Working out with weights, work with your muscles and resistance. This is the kind of exercise you need to increase your muscular mass but most important, to lose weight and body fat. Building muscles is what going to help to reach your fitness goals.

Adding some kind of balance exercise will improve your ability to stabilize your body position. This one exercise, is very important for adults, because they need to improve their balance as they get old.

The ideal thought is try to include all types of workouts on your routines. You can do It separate them, or you can try and do some of them together at the same day, for example, weight training and balance. You could do yoga or Pilates at the same time with another workout.

An example of this could be include running or walking on the treadmill for 15 minutes before starting your strength training. And you can end your routine doing some yoga as cool down. This is a perfect way to put all the exercises together in one day.

Try to add all this exercises and you will see results you want and even more, and start enjoying the benefits of exercise in your life.

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